Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Deodorant Marks

I like wearing dark clothing. I find it to be slimming and it seems that black never goes out of style. I also happen to be a personal hygiene aficionado. Sometimes those to areas of my life intersect in a disastrous way. I'm talking about white deodorant marks on dark clothing. Luckily I discovered an easy way to get them out.

In order to remove deodorant stains from dark clothing, simply rub the affected area with a used dryer sheet!

Keep the cold things cold!

I learned this from a friend years ago. In the winter time in my area it gets pretty cold. My friend would take whole gallon jugs of iced tea and suspend them outside his house through a window. I like to keep my beer cold by putting it outside my window but inside the storm window.

This keeps my beer ice cold, saves a little energy and a trip to the fridge to get a drink!

Chick Wings!

If you're like me, then you love chicken wings. There was a time when I'd always order the absolute spiciest wings that the establishment would offer, on or off the menu. These days I'm mostly into teriyaki or honey barbeque. I used to go to a big wing place with my dad every Tuesday after a round of golf for wings and beer. If I had one gripe about the experience it would be the amount of paper towels I would go through cleaning my hands before picking up my beer glass.

I found this video on Youtube of an excellent method for keeping your beer drinking hand clean. It demonstrates how to eat a chicken wing using only one hand. No slippery glass and no wasted paper towels!

Bed-compatible cup-holder

I enjoy drinking tea and coffee. I do most of my internetting from the comfort of my bed, but I lack a nightstand to hold my coffee cup. This is a simple tip I learned for holding my coffee cup in the absence of a stable surface or a cup holder. Simply remove the plastic wrap from an empty tissue box and use the box to hold your cup! It creates a large footprint around the cup making it very stable.