Thursday, February 2, 2012

Peeling potatoes made easy!

Ok, now this one I admit is a little strange. I love potatoes. They go with almost anything. Problem is, peeling potatoes is a royal pain. Well I discovered a neat trick to peeling potatoes super easy and super fast. What you'll need is a bucket of water, potatoes, a toilet brush (NEW!), a saw and a drill. I know it sounds complicated, but most of these items are only used the first time to set up the system.

What you do is saw down the handle of the toil brush and chuck up the brush in the drill. You can toss out the handle. Fill the bucket with water and potatoes. Place the brush head in the potato and water filled bucket and let 'er rip! Here's a video showing the procedure. It's in Danish but it gets the message across.


  1. Pretty cool idea. I almost wish I could just rig up a pressure washer and push the potatoes through in an assembly line fashion.

  2. That is actually really neat. Do you speak danish? how'd you find the video?

    1. I have a pretty wide circle of friends I made while playing Final Fantasy XI. This was sent to me by one of those friends when I mentioned the blog.