Friday, February 3, 2012

Stop wondering if you've locked the door

I like to think I have a good memory. Even so, I occasionally find myself wondering if I've locked the front door. Or turned off the oven, lights, iron, etc. Well I've come across an excellent method for defeating these 'brain farts' . This works for loads of small actions like these, or turning off the faucet or closing the garage door. I'm sure I could list a thousand. Basically anything that nags you because you can't remember if you've done it or not.

The solution is deceptively simple! Simply narrate your action. After locking the door, tell yourself *aloud*, "I've just locked the door." Even if you forget having performed the action, you'll still remember saying the phrase!


  1. This is a great idea, and I've tried this before, but I find that I keep forgetting to say "I locked the door". It's just tough to get into the habit of saying it.

    1. Yeah. What if in the process of saying i locked the door. YOU FORGET TO LOCK IT!